What is Hypnobirthing?

The Hypnobirthing Australia childbirth course focuses on preparing parents for a more positive and calm birth, no matter how their baby enters the world. It is as much a philosophy of birthing as it is techniques. When a mother and her birth companion are able to approach their birth without fear and with knowledge, good support, and tools for the birth – then their birthing can be a positive and empowering experience.


upcoming group Classes


August 13, 20, 27 + Sep 3

september 23 +30

October 8, 15, 22, 29

November + dec TBc please contact me

birth preparation class

echuca 23 November

6:00-6.45pm $15

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january 14, 21, 28 + Feb 4 in Tatura

february 3 + 10 in echuca


Shepparton + echuca + tatura

Private Classes Available, if group classes don’t suit. Contact me!


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Class Outline

Learn to trust your body

Our birth hormones are our friends

Having a positive mindset

The partners role – they even get a cheap sheet!

The language for empowered birthing

Let go of any fears

Create a beautiful birth environment

Birth preferences and desires

Cord clamping

Baby positioning

Hypnosis tracks, birth music,


How we think and feel affects our birth hormones

Release endorphin's through touch

Breathing techniques of course

What to do if labour slows



And so much more. . . 


What is hypnobirthing all about – and how can it help me?

From attending this hypnobirthing class you and your birth partner will develop a positive mine set with the confidence and tools you need to birth your baby calmly no matter what turn your birthing may take.

We focus on having a positive birth experience as your body is designed to birth your baby. Throughout this modern Hypnobirthing Australia course I will take you through a range of breathing, relaxation, visualisation and self hypnosis techniques you can use at different points during the birth. Self-hypnosis doesn’t mean you are asleep, instead you are deeply relaxed however in a heighten state of awareness, so you can still hear what is going on around you. You will learn how to take yourself to a peaceful relaxing place and we will discuss how to create a relaxing environment to birth your baby. You will develop powerful birth affirmations that are personal to you to keep you focused during the birth. Through the power of touch you and your birth partner will learn how to release our body’s own natural endorphins. By using these tools and techniques there may be the reduce need for interventions during the birth.

This course is designed for both you and your support partner. Your birth partner will certainly benefit too by gaining tools and confidence in their role to support you during the birth. During the class you will both be able to explore any fears you may have about the birth and release them. We will discuss birthing options so you will both have the knowledge and confidence to make decisions during your pregnancy journey and birth. If you choose to birth in a hospital we will even discuss the transition from home to hospital how to make the environment comfort and how to regain your refocus.

This modern hypnobirthing course is designed for Australian women to enable a positive, natural and calm birth you will both want to remember. The course resources are amazing, with a folio for you to keep and refer back to as well as mp3s of birthing affirmation that you can listen to in the lead up to the birth and use during the birth if you choose to. I will also support you and your partner in the lead up to birthing your beautiful baby.