Chakra Balance + Yoga Nidra                          + sound Bath                         Experience our unique essential oil infused meditation class to restore and nurture yourself. With a focus on balancing the mind and body, essential oils are woven into a journey through the chakras to a state of deep relaxation. Then we bath you in a high vibrational sound healing.  This class will delight the senses and heal the soul.


REiki + sound healing AROMATOUCH MASSAGE

This personalised session can include Reiki, sound healing, essential oils and aromaTouch massage.  Coming soon Pregnancy Massage.  AromaTouch relaxation massage is a clinical approach to applying eight essential oils to the back feet and hands to reduce stress , boost immune system, helps reduce pain and inflammation and return body to its natural state (homeostasis). 

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Do need help to identify what oils can support you? This assessment is suitable for all ages, babies, kids, and even pregnant women. Only takes a few minutes & report is emailed to you. Discover the benefits and uses of essential oils by attending an information session or host a class in the comfort of your home with family and friends and learn more about the benefits of essential oils and earn free oils and products at the same time